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The following images were prompted by a random phrase generator that I built to induce serendipity into some strange scenarios.

1. Destructive Geology for Women, Five years from now:
Geology on a global scale is scary; both volcanoes and earthquakes (and their aftermath) are uncanny in their power to destroy and disrupt life as usual. For this prompt I thought about harnessing the destructive power of Earth’s mechanics into tools of war or terrorism. In this scenario, an extreme feminist cell is disrupting patriarchal society through terraforming and terra-rism :D


2. Humorous Entertainment for Megafauna in Waterworld:
In this scenario, all of Earth’s ice caps have melted, leading to a massive global extinction. The survivors are the sea creatures, and megafauna like whales becomes Earth’s dominant race. For fun the world’s new overlords enjoy catching a Broadway show … on Broadway.



3. Transformative Self-Help for Hermits in a World in Decay
In this scenario I wanted to imagine what self-help would like in a world at war. In this scenario a box of supplies and literature is air dropped to a region desolated by war. How could manipulative outside intervention influence the mindset of a person in isolation?



4: Devastating Hobbies with Trees in a 1980s Mall
How many ways could we devastate a tree through hobby? This was the question I asked when I drew this series of words. Through discussion with my classmates, I stumbled upon the practice of birch tapping – boring into the artery of a birch tree to extract water. While seemingly innocuous, when anthropomorphized, it becomes grotesque. It made me think of interventions in trees that would slowly kill them, while granting people enjoyment.

5: Secretive Advertising for Service Animals in a Growth Economy
With this phrase, I thought about ways in which service animals could be manipulated to get their owner’s to buy things.

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