IPC – Final Project Planning

I’m very interested in the idea of using physical objects to sculpt and shape space in a virtual environment  … and vica versa. For my final project I will be exploring the concept and practicality of using a physical object as the base building block for a digital sculpture.

For this experiment, the base building block will be the voxel; a three dimensional pixel.

A wireless cube will be used to control the orientation and placement of a voxel inside a Processing sketch. When the position is set, the user can “drop” the voxel into place, Tetris style, then add another voxel. This method can be repeated to create a 3D sculpture.

System Diagram04

bill of materials

(1) triple axis accelerometer and gyro breakout - MPU-6050 :: $39.95

(1) soft foam cube :: $10.00

(1) lithium-ion batter (3.7v) :: $5.95

(2) xBee radio modules :: $22.95/each :: $45.90

(2) xBee radio adapters :: $10.00/each :: $20.00

(1) a small microcontroller :: Adafruit Trinket or Adafruit Gemma :: $7.95

Approximate Total Cost :: $130.00

Project Timeline

Week of 11/17

  • Order materials – allow 3-5 days for delivery
  • Prototype the hardwired circuit with borrowed materials
  • Begin development of processing environment for 3D objects
  • Mockup sizes for voxel with blue foam

Week of 11/24

  • Materials arrive
  • Continue development of processing 3D environment
  • Begin user testing
  • Refine design of enclosure

Week of 12/1 through 12/5

  • Final enclosure completion
  • Final assembly of physical interface circuitry
  • Completion of sculpting environment via Processing

One thought on “IPC – Final Project Planning

  1. Benedetta

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for drafting a plan, a bill of materials and a system diagram! Now onto rapid prototyping, so make sure you have a good list of questions or things you want to understand from your users this week!


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