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Live Web > Phone Gyro to Servo Motor

This week I decided to treat the Yun as a websocket server so that I could control a motor remotely. The environment I setup was structure like this:

A remote node server running handles the incoming data from the phone’s gyro sensor. The node server then rounds the values down to the closest integer (ie. 45.929329329 is converted to 45) and transmits the data to a node ws server running on the Arduino Yun’s linux environment as a string – this seems to be a limitation of node WS. As the values are transferred from the Yun’s linux environment to the arduino’s processor, they are converted to integers and then used to control the servo’s angle.

Github repo here:



Temporary Expert > Random Scenarios

The following images were prompted by a random phrase generator that I built to induce serendipity into some strange scenarios.

1. Destructive Geology for Women, Five years from now:
Geology on a global scale is scary; both volcanoes and earthquakes (and their aftermath) are uncanny in their power to destroy and disrupt life as usual. For this prompt I thought about harnessing the destructive power of Earth’s mechanics into tools of war or terrorism. In this scenario, an extreme feminist cell is disrupting patriarchal society through terraforming and terra-rism :D


2. Humorous Entertainment for Megafauna in Waterworld:
In this scenario, all of Earth’s ice caps have melted, leading to a massive global extinction. The survivors are the sea creatures, and megafauna like whales becomes Earth’s dominant race. For fun the world’s new overlords enjoy catching a Broadway show … on Broadway.



3. Transformative Self-Help for Hermits in a World in Decay
In this scenario I wanted to imagine what self-help would like in a world at war. In this scenario a box of supplies and literature is air dropped to a region desolated by war. How could manipulative outside intervention influence the mindset of a person in isolation?



4: Devastating Hobbies with Trees in a 1980s Mall
How many ways could we devastate a tree through hobby? This was the question I asked when I drew this series of words. Through discussion with my classmates, I stumbled upon the practice of birch tapping – boring into the artery of a birch tree to extract water. While seemingly innocuous, when anthropomorphized, it becomes grotesque. It made me think of interventions in trees that would slowly kill them, while granting people enjoyment.

5: Secretive Advertising for Service Animals in a Growth Economy
With this phrase, I thought about ways in which service animals could be manipulated to get their owner’s to buy things.

LiveWeb > RecorderJS +

I hacked at the RecorderJS example code to get it to work with this week.

I had intended to integrate this with some sensor data from my arduino yun to make an physical interface for leaving messages in a wall, but I broke the yun …