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Temporary Expert > American Game Changers … the Game Show!



American Game Changers is a concept television game show for a major television network (iTen) in an alternate present day reality. The game is a cross between Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, Shark Tank, and The Price is Right. Contestants are selected from the crowd at random.



Contestants are then given random prompts that consist of methods, tools, purpose, and contexts. Once the prompt is established, contestants have limited time to complete a rendering of a product that addresses the prompt.


After product ideas are generated, it’s time for the audience members to vote. The audience is split into two groups: consumers and executives. Consumers rate product ideas on desireability while executives rate product ideas on viability. The results are compiled into a graph to determine point totals and winners.


Pretty simple, huh?

Temporary Expert: Call for Indoor Spelunking Elements

Call for submissions

The Metropolitan Grotto of New York is seeking design proposals for indoor spelunking elements. With the spread of the destructive White Nose fungus disrupting our delicate underground ecosystems, new opportunities for adventure are needed. The Grotto will implement the designs to engage cavers sidelined by White Nose, allthewhile promoting the sport and recruiting new members.


Mr. Martinez,

It is with great pleasure that I present my design submission for the Met Grotto’s Indoor Spelunking Competition.

By introducing lightweight, structural obstacles into the workplace, my proposal seeks to capture the excitement of adventure embodied in the sport of spelunking.

The modern workplace is an incredible candidate for such elements as they present multiple opportunities to not only impact morale but bottom line, we’re talkin’ cents to the dollar.  Spelunking in the workplace can improve employee health both physically and mentally (thus lowering corporate health insurance premiums), facilitate valuable team building activities, and boost morale with the occasional adrenaline injection. Imagine arriving to the office each morning to find a new spelunking adventure awaiting you.

The designed elements are lightweight and reconfigurable and can be classified as furniture which need not observe the same rigid building codes as fixed architecture. However, the system is designed in a such a way that permanent installation is possible.

Please see the attached design images for your consideration.

Kind regards,

David Tracy