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interspecies :: animal consciousness and vision

:: animal vision and consciousness :: capturing a glimpse of the animal consciousness through simulated vision.

Most humans have a difficult relationship with spiders, super predators of the insect world. Through the lens of popular culture, the spider is seen as a deadly, monstrous enemy, one that should be exterminated without prejudice. In one sense, the spider represents a terrifying, uncanny abomination of nature, a manifestation of fear. However, spiders play many important roles in our ecosystem, some of which even benefit humans. Maybe if we understood their mode of being, our war might come to an end. If only we could meet under the right circumstances we would begin to understand each other, maybe we would even hit it off!


However, I’m interested in exploring the relationship between human and animal (spider) by studying physical mechanics that differentiate conscious experience. In this case, vision. Most spiders have six to eight eyes, with varying abilities to see different types of light.  

What is is like to have an expanded field of vision? Whats it like to have eyes with varying degrees of enhanced and degraded focus? What’s it like to see an expanded or limited spectrum of light?

I would like to build a device that uses photography, video, or mirrors to simulate animal vision in order to partially experience what it’s like be an animal (spider). Maybe I’ll even implant camera’s into my scalp (, but probably not.