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bridging worlds :: latex pixels

This is the next design iteration for the latex pixel. I adjusted the form factor and switched from a stepper motor to a servo motor since I don’t need more than a full rotation.

Next steps include adding magnets to the frame to make the hex-cells easily configurable. I will also be developing some code to make this interact with user input – most likely through a cell phone interface (cordova/phoneGap) and


Update (4/18) :: I received the magnets in the mail and began testing their strength. Two 1/8″ dia magnets on each edge seem to do the trick.

bridging worlds04 :: nudge



This week’s assignment was to design a system that subtly alerts, or nudges, users to an upcoming calendar event. I was able to get the Yún to connect to the Google Calendar API to pull a calendar. Next steps are to develop a working arduino sketch that compares the calendar data to the current time to change the light output on an LED light fixture that serves as a wall washer. I generated a sample mockup using a simple incrementing counter variable to simulate the final interaction, see below video.

bridging worlds :: assignment01


For my ‘ambient intelligence’ listening project, I wanted to look at ways that location and spatial use can be tracked and analyzed. The traditional answer would be watch users with cameras, which I think is creepy and difficult to extract data from. Instead I’d like to monitor behavior through an array of ‘sensing’ carpet tiles. The tiles detect the presence through pressure sensors and can watch and record activity over time. A few possible outcomes of this listening could be dynamic adjustments to mechanical systems, lighting, and space allocation for optimization.